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Having a personal chef that knows how you want to eat allows you to remain healthy by eating proper, fresh foods for every meal of the day. When you are out doing stuff, instead of grabbing something on the go, you know that a fresh meal is being prepared for you and your family at home.

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A plant-based lifestyle can help to promote weight loss and help to maintain your goal weight. Weight loss commonly occurs because the diet consists of foods that are full of fiber and have a high water content, which promotes the feeling of fullness.Another major reason to jump on the plant-based eating train is for the external benefits. Plant-based foods are loaded with healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, which improve skin clarity and help you get that glow.


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Stacey is 100% plant-based personal chef, catering and coaching business serving the San Francisco Bay Area. She specializes in helping busy families, executives, companies and gatherings of people from all walks of life find vibrant health and deep satisfaction in plant-based eating. She's well-known for her ability to create vegan comfort foods. Stacey is a 11-year vegan and career-long veteran of the restaurant industry with decades of culinary experience, including work in some of San Francisco's most popular restaurants. Her food reflects her passion for travel and spans flavors and dishes from around the world.


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